Columbus Day Re-enactment

San Salvador, Bahamas

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Bahamas on his 51 ft. Morgan 

Terry Quotes :

               "Contrary to popular belief, you can run away from all of your problems "

                "It is never too late in life to learn disappointment"

Terry Stark Memorial

                   9 January 1946 - 15 August 2014

                               Died of Heart Attack , Phenom Phen , Cambodia

Terry passed away around noon on August 15th

His girlfriend ,Phuong, found him slumped over in the midst of making one of his custom "smoothies".

 He has been cremated and his ashes were spread in the waters of the  Mekong River .

"Terry was an intelligent man, always ready to bludgeon you with his knowledge and share with you his inexhaustible curiosity. Be it experimenting with banana fibre concrete reinforcement; dissecting LED lamps to see how they worked (and how they could be improved); tailoring a better pair of shorts; baking the ultimate loaf of his "rotten" red rice bread; or any other of the diverse projects he assigned himself - he was enthusiastic in his pursuits and generous with his findings. I will think of Terry whenever I hear an opinion loudly promoted, see a garish and oversized polyester shirt, watch sailboats on the waves, find a bicycle at an airport, or meet burly men with tender hearts. Terry was a free spirit, an independent individual, and a generous soul. Above all, Terry lived exactly as he wished, itself a great and rare achievement." ( Darren Campbell)