“Saintly pious people fascinate and frighten me at the same time. Organized in to large, well funded groups they can do more damage then invading armies.”

“And hopefully you are wise enough to know you can never go back. I can dream of sailing the Bahamas again. But I know the Bahamas I sailed so many years ago are no longer there. Neither is the man who sailed them. Places are not the only things that change. Be thankful the dreams never change.

The memories.” “I've never seen the sense of long range planning. Life, like sailing becomes much more enjoyable once you learn to let the wind direction help you decide where you want to go. ” “I have paid dearly for my idealism over the years. Probably always will, only proving age doesn't do much improving of wisdom. Got it from my Dad I guess. Thankfully my affliction isn't near as bad as his.”

“There's that part of my screwed up brain refusing to believe Mom is dead. I need to do some reading on the relationship between discourse, cognition and memory. Not that I'm at all uncomfortable with my insanity. Quiet the opposite, almost afraid to try and understand lest I inadvertently fix it, can't put it back again, if that makes any sense?”


"Always turned my back on successful ventures when they produced enough cash for a few more years of free living; cruising sailboats in the Caribbean, an old VW Van thru Mexico and British Honduras, those incredible few years in Havana, playing on the North Coast of Honduras and these years of very good life in SEAsia.

It may have been just another Special Olympics but I got a meaningful Trophy no one can take away.

One very good life mostly lived. "


~~“Glad I left the ant. Looks to be a speck of dirt, an imperfection, till magnified. Perfection is a lame perception at best. Always best to leave a flaw "So as not to offend the Gods". I've never had a problem with that. Leaving flaws that is.”

“Dad's favorite poem my brother and I heard so many times, "The bird is safest in its nest; O'er all that flutter their wings and fly A hawk is hovering in the sky; To stay at home is best” What's one to do when the hawk's in house in the costume of the American Eagle? Run.”

“I read a lot on the sailboats. No TV, radio, Internet, DVDs, only books, the boat and lots of Ocean. Still read a lot but I find this Internet too amazing to ignore. I'm amazed it's still as open and free as it is, knowing how much governments like to control information.”

Comments on Various Topics

                       from Lynn Moore , who has knew Terry since elementary school

Columbus Day Re-enactment

San Salvador, Bahamas

“Most people our age are perfectly happy without serious exercise. I suspect I may be an adrenaline junky suffering withdrawal when I don't get my daily fix.”

“If I get snatched it will more likely be off my bicycle by a speeding SUV driven by a drunk Khmer. Been tried once already, only three broken ribs and a collar bone on that attempt. Did knock me out for the first time in my life. That was a new experience. Not a bad way to go if I never woke up. If you get snatched, it's been great corresponding with you again. Put in a good word for me please, Later, I hope,”

“Happiness is a relative thing. Highs and Lows. I've found a reasonable level of contentment helps me enjoy the highs longer and quickly weather the lows.”